Pan KAMUT® – Gallette

12.4 g


1.2 g

Saturated fat

Choose the delicious, healthy goodness of Biscopan KAMUT® Gallette made with the flour of Khorasan wheat, an ancient type of cereal that is considered to have the most comprehensive nutritional properties.

KAMUT® Gallette have a unique, distinctive flavour that’s a real treat for the taste buds. Experience the epitome of well-being thanks to a perfect mix of protein, minerals, zinc, magnesium and selenium. More than just food, they’re all about unadulterated pleasure and nourishment.

As an alternative to bread, nothing comes close to these light, golden sheets of crunchiness.

KAMUT® Gallette are the perfect choice for both quick snacks and delectable appetizers. Spread some creamy cheese on top, add some fresh cherry tomatoes and olives, and voilà! You’ve turned your break into a gourmet experience. With Biscopan KAMUT® Gallette, every bite takes you on a journey through a world of flavour and well-being. Have a great trip through their delights!

Pan KAMUT® Gallette: practical and tasty at any time

Handy packs to suit all needs!


A baked product made with KAMUT® khorasan wheat flour

* Organic ingredient.

May contain traces of sesame seeds and soybeans.

Nutrition Information

Nutrition declaration (average values per 100 g)

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