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Combining tradition and innovation, the Pan KAMUT® line by Biscopan is an ode to wholesomeness. Experience the embrace of authentic, nourishing flavours with Biscopan Grissini and Gallette made with ancient KAMUT® flour. Travel back through time in search of modern well-being, with the light, crispy Pan KAMUT® products. Relish the essence of KAMUT® flour and savour an ancient type of wheat in a new form that satisfies not only the taste buds but also the soul.

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Delicious Biscopan products made with KAMUT® flour

KAMUT® Tostarelli

Treat all your senses to the crispy experience of KAMUT® Tostarelliby Biscopan and rediscover ancient KAMUT® flour. Made with traditional KAMUT® wheat, these original snacks strike a balance between authentic appeal and modern tastes. Packed with wholesome goodness, the fragrance and flavour of KAMUT® Tostarelli will take your breath away.

KAMUT® Gallette

Biscopan’s KAMUT Gallette are a healthy, irresistible delight. Made with ancient KAMUT® wheat flour, these crispy treats pay tribute to nature and authentic flavours, presenting a perfect blend of traditions and modern appeal in a light, dainty form. Biscopan’s KAMUT Gallette are great to share with others or to enjoy by yourself!

KAMUT® Il Grissino

Culinary art is fused with tradition in the irresistible KAMUT Grissino by Biscopan. Made with ancient KAMUT wheat flour, they’re bursting with crispy, unique taste sensations. Every single one celebrates artisanal perfection and the unmistakable aroma of KAMUT, shrouding the senses in a symphony of age-old flavours. Bringing out the best of the past and the present, the masterfully made KAMUT Grissino are the epitome of excellence.

KAMUT®: a trademark to ensure all the exceptional qualities of ancient khorasan wheat are protected

The KAMUT® trademark was created to protect and preserve the exceptional qualities of ancient khorasan wheat for the benefit of all those who are interested in high quality, healthy food.

Full of nutritional qualities and easy to digest, KAMUT® wheat is an ideal choice for all those looking for high-quality nourishment.

Biscopan is a leading Italian producer of baked goods made with KAMUT® flour, both under its own Pan KAMUT® label and as a contract manufacturer working for other companies.

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Forget all about sticky tape, clips and bags: thanks to the new Doypacks, you’ll always have the secret to preserving the flavours of Biscopan products at your fingertips!

Your favourite Biscopan products are now available in Doypacks! Doypacks protect the flavour of Biscopan products not only on the supermarket shelves but also in your home, thanks to the handy resealable strips. Enjoy products that stay crispy day after day!

In addition, Doypacks are made of eco-friendly, recyclable material, so they help to reduce our environmental impact.

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