Bio White spelt crackers 40 g

Biscopan White spelt crackers are made with white spelt flour, an ancient, highly nourishing cereal with a light and natural taste.

White spelt has plenty of beneficial properties, low fat content and is very high in fibre.

Rich in plant protein, they are very easy to digest.

Friable and crunchy, white spelt Crackers are ideal to accompany creamy cheese spreads, just add some fresh cherry tomatoes and black olives for a tasty appetiser.

Nutritional facts table for white spelt crackers
Nutrition facts, mean values per 40g of product
Energy value 174 kcal
730 kJ
Of which saturated fatty acids
5,5 g
0,5 g
of which sugar
25,2 g
1,2 g
Edible fibre 2,0 g
Protein 5,0 g
Salt 0,4 g