Bio KAMUT® Rusk 270 g

Biscopan KAMUT® Rusk is made with Khorasan wheat, an ancient cereal rich in vitamins and minerals, considered the most complete cereal from a nutritional standpoint.
As a food it is rich in protein and mineral salt, especially zinc, magnesium and selenium, the latter well known for its anti-oxidant properties.
This type of wheat is a high-energy cereal thanks to the high percentage of lipids it contains.

Friable and crunchy, KAMUT® rusks are ideal to use with spread butter, comfit or honey to start the day with a tasty and hearty breakfast.

Washed down with tea, coffee or fruit juice, our rusks provide the right amount of energy to face the day, without feeling one bit heavy.

Nutritional facts table for KAMUT® Rusk 270 g
Nutrition facts, mean values per 100g of product
Energy value 392 kcal
1658 kJ
Of which saturated fatty acids
5,7 g
1,1 g
of which sugar
70,0 g
6,3 g
Edible fibre 4,3 g
Protein 13,3 g
Salt 1,3 g