Stuzzicoso breadsticks – 23 g single pack

Biscopan olive oil stuzzicoso Breadsticks are a controlled leavening product; the process gives it a markedly and exclusive brown finish.

Their crunchiness, combined with the superb delicacy of extra virgin olive oil, make these breadsticks simple and ideal for your table at any moment.

Friable, light and highly palatable, Biscopan olive oil Stuzzicoso Breadsticks is perfect to display on the table wrapped in slices of Parma ham, to have with a fresh and ripe melon or a hors d’oeuvre to indulge your in-between-meals appetite.

Nutritional facts table for Stuzzicoso breadsticks
Nutrition facts, mean values per 23g of product
Energy value 107 kcal
451 kJ
Of which saturated fatty acids
4,0 g
1,3 g
of which sugar
14,6 g
0,8 g
Edible fibre 0,7 g
Protein 2,7 g
Salt 0,3 g