Bread crumbs – 250 g

Biscopan PanGrattato is a truly home-made tasting product, made with traditional “Ciabatta Veneta” dough, whose quality is guaranteed by its natural and genuine ingredients.

The key ingredient in every kitchen, Biscopan PanGrattato is great to make filling and crispy breading.

Moreover, it is convenient and useful as a much-needed support in your kitchen.

Nutritional facts table for bread crumbs
Nutrition facts, mean values per 100g of product
Energy value 411 kcal
1735 kJ
Of which saturated fatty acids
9,0 g
2,3 g
of which sugar
70,0 g
4,5 g
Edible fibre 3,0 g
Protein 12,0 g
Salt 1,0 g