Bakerette stuzzicose – 250 g

Biscopan Bakerette Stuzzicose are made with olive oil and salt.

They are a perfect substitute for bread and ideal to try a new taste every day.

Light and friable, Bakerette Stuzzicose by Biscopan are suitable for many needs.

They are perfect as appetisers with mayonnaise and prawns or combined with comfit or honey for a delicious snack.

Nutritional facts table for Bakerette stuzzicose
Nutrition facts, mean values per 100g of product
Energy value 444 kcal
1866 kJ
Of which saturated fatty acids
15,1 g
5,4 g
of which sugar
65,3 g
3,5 g
Edible fibre 3,4 g
Protein 10,0 g
Salt 1,7 g